About us

Sirenide Viaggi… Incoming Specialists!

Sirenide Viaggi… Incoming Specialists

Our organization, made up of travel agencies and various proprietary hotels located in Sorrento, has been operating for over 35 years in the tourism sector at the service of the major Italian and foreign tour operators and travel agents.

Our group has fully computerized Booking offices that allow answers in just 24/48 hours based in the centre of Sorrento. We are Incoming Specialists for the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Ischia, Naples, Rome and Southern Italy.

We can provide the following services:

  • Select 3, 4 and 5 star hotels
  • Apartments, Villas and Residences
  • Authorized guide centre in 5 languages
  • Restaurants, folk shows and plays
  • Gran Turismo Buses and Limousines
  • De Luxe Excursions and Yacht Rental
  • Special events such as weddings, ceremonies etc.
  • All-inclusive educational trips
  • Thermal and cultural stays
  • Congresses and Meetings

The tourism industry is one of the most complex and constantly changing markets, therefore it calls for ever better organization and quality of services.

In order to meet these needs, during our journey, we have invested heavily in the selection of the people who work there and in the authenticity of our services.

All our customers are contacted by our specialized staff upon their arrival at the hotel, they have emergency numbers with 24-hour assistance.

Our company manages 500 beds in hotel allotments of various categories, therefore we are able to always guarantee accommodation at very attractive rates, while maintaining the comfort, quality and originality of the service, essential and unmistakable characteristics of our organisation.